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Sorrowmurk - The Origin EP

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    • 7 years ago

      Excellent ... changes between each perfect mix for a party. Very similar to mushroom

    • 7 years ago

      Nice to see some real, professional Psychedelic Trance, here on Jamendo. Really warms my heart! Reminds me (without any thought of plagiarism) a lot to Zen Mechanics. At least the low, fast and extremely bass lines and straight, effective drum section. Seorrowmunk, of course, are somewhat darker but are lacking their melodic ritchess, even if melodic elements as the very well-placed synth at the end of "Vanish and Fear" are doing a pretty good job, I sense a little "fear of melodies", here. Still great and pretty massive psychedelic trance, though I had loved to hear a little more variation. The first four tracks are very much the same scheme - number five, "Little" is quite surprising, indeed, but Depeche Mode remixes are not exactly a novelty anymore - nevertheless, "Little" is nicely crafted and really originally made, it's while still powerful even pretty funny.