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    • PsyOcean avatar
      5 years ago

      Бах жил, Бах жив, Бах будет жить!..:) Великолепно, Борис!

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      6 years ago

      'My Bach', is a 11 track, Instrumental Baroque-Electronica Classical album. Boris Lazarev, blends Piano with Synth Woodwinds and Strings to render Contemporary Compositions Inspired by Bach. The Music is Quiet, Flowing and Restful. It is not intended to be necessarily Seasonal or Occasion Specific Selections but listening to the Album on Christmas Day 2011, Mood and Style Fits in very with the Sentiment of the Season. Musically, Piano, Synth Keyboard set as Piano and in various Modes vie with an abundance of Woodwind Modes-esp Flute. Track #8. 'Native Land', is a Synth String Dominant Piece with a Light and Airy Nature. When Piano engages it Delivers an added Richness to the Melody. Track #11. 'December', is very Baroque which is to say Precise and Measured. Piano and Synth Violin Combine in a Poignant Duet. Track #7. 'Night', is Classical and Modern. The Style while remaining Baroque has a Modern Feel in the Piano Melody. Synth Strings while Prominent- do not make the work tedious. This is a relatively Lengthy Album that if played from Start to Finish will allow the Listener to become lost in a World of Classical yet strongly Electronic Music.

    • Negrin avatar
      7 years ago

      Obrigado por você escrever em meu álbum. Fico lisonjeado. Seu trabalho é muito bom de se ouvir. Belos arranjos sobre os temas de Bach! Muito bom gosto. Meus cumprimentos e meus parabéns. Спасибо, что написали на моем альбоме. Я польщен. Ваша работа очень приятно слышать. Прекрасные аранжировки на темы Bach. Очень со вкусом. Мои комплименты и поздравления. Извините, если я неправильно написал на русском языке. :-)

    • josevigo avatar
      7 years ago

      Me gusta tu música y por ello la estoy emitiendo en mi emisora, para sintonizarla : Saludos.

    • alleksa avatar
      7 years ago