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Kompozitsia V

Avi Rosenfeld
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    • bizun_ avatar
      6 years ago

      [just a note: Everything I've wrote within review of album Kompositsia I applies to all Kompositsia series, so for overall characteristics refer there. I tend to think of Kompositsia like it was one multi-disk album.] Five already? And everywhere blues. When listening to this particular album I've discovered something. A feeling rather than certain observation -- it seems as all (or most of the tunes) were recorded first as just singing with acoustic guitar and then all oter layers of overdubbing were applied. But technical guesses aside -- from the musical point of view this is yet another relief from the crap the TV is pushing onto us. Blues as 'bluessy' as it only could be, even if spiced sometime with Levant tastes.I like this album as a whole (in fact I'm listening to all Kompozitsia series shoved into one playlist, so have sometimes problem to distinguish, which song comes from which disk), but I like most Ay Carramba and remember most the final track Before the battle. What I'm still amazed with, is how one can record one album after another, that sound so similar, yet so different. Eight stars (no! again?) [++++++--].

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      6 years ago

      'Kompozitsia V', is a 11 track**, Classic Rock-Blues, Hebrew and English Language album. **The Album's Liner Notes Reports Track #4 has a Technical Glitch and is Silent. A link is provided on the Album's Jamendo Page with an audible version. Avi Rosenfeld, is as Gifted Musician/Composer/Arranger as he is Prolific and as of the time of this Review a total of Seven Albums exist in the 'Kompozitsia' Series. This Review, of course, focuses specifically on Number V. Each of Edition of Komposzitsia has a Unique Personality and are not simple Continuations on a Theme. In this Offering, Rosenfeld's Iconic Classic Rock Sound is still very much Present but more Mingled with Blues while Vocal Tracks have a Stronger English Presence. Likewise, in the Instrumental Works, Track #10. 'Ay Caramba', a Highly Skilled Performance demonstrates the Artist's Extreme Guitar Skills. Musically, virtually every Instrument that comprises a Modern Rock Band can be heard with Generous Electric Guitar which backs the Sound of Style Elements from Rock to Traditional Israeli-Middle Eastern to Country Western and Middle of the Road Adult Contemporary Pop. In short, if this Artist/Band were a Gas Station it would Definitely Be Full Service! Track #1. 'Nahag Mirutsim( Race Driver)', is a Vigorous, Uptempo Rock-Swing(Big Band) Piece with an Unexpectedly Lively Piano Riff mixed in with the Classic Rock Sound and Exciting Hebrew Vocal. Track #2. 'In My Winter Skies', has English Lyrics with a Subtle Western( as Western Ballad )Style and Mellow Acoustic Guitar and Percussion. The Vocalization is Earnest and Head Nod inducing. Electric Guitar enters the mix in the Song's latter stage and gives the work a New Depth with its Piercing and Minor Chord Rich Manner. Track #5. 'Keren Shemesh(Ray of Sun)', Features Hebrew Lyrics set against a Retro EZL Pop and Country-Western Vocie. Listen for Clarinet to take the Role usually reserved for 'Fiddle' and mix with a Traditional Israeli Theme. Unique, Clever and very Fun to Hear. Track #10. 'Ay Caramba', is an Electric Guitar Anthem Supreme. It's Highly Complex fashion is similar to Fellow Jamendo Artist, Black Alexxx. The Piece is Polished, Dynamic and Shakes the Rafters! And as Good as the Solo Sections are--when the Guitars Go Chorus the Resulting Harmony is nothing less than Magical. Overall, a Stunner of Old-New-Mixed-Style-Culture-Feeling and the List Goes On... :D

    • 0mnim0g avatar
      7 years ago

      Hooked in the first 30 seconds! Tight inventive brilliant, even though I don't understand Hebrew it's okay- there is lots of English - but more - the universal language - music! Says it all - this is deeply "felt" music and it shines through. Amazing live sound and Excellent - DOWNLOAD THIS! I expect to you on the radio - I am sure you have lots of airtime - yes? - Musicianship is tops. Nelson note - (Avi- something happened to track 4 ? but perhaps its a good time to meditate and take a breath!) Something about #7 "lev" is especially cool/psychedelic to me... the organ? hmmm wow! great work & guitar *!! Star for overall shredding cool album!

    • U.L.I. avatar
      7 years ago

      Shalom, Avi this album starts furioso, like swinging rock. Or rocking swing??? Makes my feet tapping. Followed by two folk influenced tracks. Oh, what´s that ? Track # 4 is muted, empty, silent?!?! #5 is a fantastic mix of gypsy-swing and big-band-latin music. Git-soli are great on #7. Powerful Instrumentalrock on #10 with fantastic gitwork. #11 is an interesting genremix of traditional hebrew folk music and modern heavy metal elements. Well educated musicians are showcasing their various skills and talents on different musicstyles here. Good work, guys U.L.I.

    • Gaby Cardoso avatar
      7 years ago

      ``Ze Od Lo Meuhar`` es pegadiza, muy cool, y el saxo queda excelente en el estilo. ``Ay Caramba`` suena poderosa y muy bien trabajada, ``Go Tell Your Daddy`` es una sabrosa fusiòn, muy colorida, alegre y una muestra de lo versatil que es Avi y sus excelentes compañeros. ``Kaits Halom`` tiene unas partes instrumentales exquisitas con esas flautas y guitarras, ``Like I Feel`` es muy cool y me gustò la letra emotiva en inglès. ``Nahag Mirutsim`` es excelente! energètica, excelentes guitarras y arreglos de vientos, màs el piano genial de Reggie. Cheers Avi & Company one more time.