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Nobody's perfect

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    • Not From Georgia avatar

      Great melodies. My favorite is "Lost in France" : ) A easy to listen to mix of vocals floating in a sea of guitar. Interesting cover art! Thanks1

    • orangeupurple avatar

      This man's voice was sweet and true . . . a very heart touching melancholia accompanied by a lovely guitar and his stories were moving. The recordings were not perfect but fine enough to give the strong feeling that you could reach out and touch him . . . comfort him as he sang his sad love songs. His voice is gorgeous! and every song was perfectly captivating . . . with excellent compositions and instrumental play . . . I found myself caught up in the song . . . singing along and loving every delightful minute of this album . . - M^^W -

    • stephan sulke avatar

      ein tolles - leider zu kurzes - Album! Die songs werden mit dem mehrfachen Hören von Mal zu Mal besser. Und sie gehen ins Ohr. Klasse poppig/folkige songs zum Genießen und Mitsingen. Tolle Melodien. Die Stimme des Sängers passt sehr gut dazu und die folkig groovenden Bassläufe tun ein übriges, die Musik auch noch in die Beine zu bringen. Die leicht melancholischen Texte runden das Ganze ab zu einem harmoinischem schönen Ganzen. Klasse Album!

    • marac avatar
      @ wrote

      It's generic folk rock (or maybe rather singer/songwriter folk-influenced pop) of mediocre quality. The singer's voice is uninteresting, the tunes boring and production quite amateurish. It's not a disaster though, and considering that quality of melodies is a matter of taste, I can imagine it may be appreciated by some people. So if you're a dedicated fan of the genre and you don't care about shortcomings of performance and production, you may give it a try, 'cause "Nobody's perfect".