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DOUG the Eagle
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    • 6 years ago

      And once again we immerse into so well known sounds, that less and less are just 'reverse-engineered Pink Floyd stuff' and more in their own unique style. Once again some of the lyrics and concepts are either form DMFA or Jacob Pettersohn universe, but once again being not familiar with these works do not impair reception.This disk is a bit more 'mainstream' than totally retro experiments in ...and Daryil answered, some instrumental tracks thrown in... But the final song is just beautiful: makes me start to wonder, what if JP ever assembled a band an gave a concert...Yet, overall the sound is a bit crude and the album lacks a concept. Seven stars [+++++++---], and enter to the Album of the Year 2011 competition.

    • 6 years ago

      Tout simplement excellent , comme tous les autres albums de DOUG THE EAGLE.

    • 7 years ago

      Each album keeps the same feel but becomes slightly more refined than the last, and this is certainly no exception. I strongly recommend at least listening to the last 2 tracks, "Return Ticket To Heaven" and "Demonhunter," though the entire album is pretty amazing. I really wish that it would be possible to see some of this stuff live, but I know that is rather impractical. Just saying, it would be awesome.