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    • MUSICALIA avatar
      7 years ago

      Very very good!

    • Van Syla avatar
      7 years ago

      Les choeurs mixtes pourraient évoquer des chants monastiques mais, à mon humble avis, le dynamisme de l'accompagnement violoncelles/violons et surtout la sentimentalité exprimée par le violon solo font que ce travail se rapproche plus du romantisme que du spirituel. Les sons mélodiques sont très beaux, je regrette peut-être une trop forte présence de la batterie. Un moment d'écoute agréable et reposant.

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      7 years ago

      'CHORUS VOICE', is a two track, Semi-Instrumental, Classical-Soundtrack-Spiritual Crossover album. The two compositions are Essentially One Song but executed in two variants-each emphasizing a particular element. The Sound is nearly Equal Measures of Classical but with a Monastic Foundation, Contemporary Symphonic Classical executed in Soundtrack Style and Contemporary Pop Rhythm(s) in the Percussion Line. Track #1. 'Sacred', Features Female and Male Choral vocals set against a Strong Percussion Beat and Violin( Also Including Lower Pitched Strings) Accompaniment. A Lyrical Harp Riff and Flute Melody can be heard floating in the background. Vocals are more prominent with the Female Voices. Even though this piece is highly Symphonic it is also Dance(able) and reminiscent of the Style of Enigma. Track #2. 'Sacred-Horns & Flute", Starts almost Identically to Track #1 but as the song progresses--the Listener will hear Orchestral Fashioned Flute and Horns taking the Prominence over the Vocals. Male Vocals are more Obvious as they are Harmonized with/against the Horn Voice at times. The Beastmaster's work(in this album) is very similar to Jamendo Artist, Mystic Soulmate as they share Styles, Subject and Technique.

    • favorigreg avatar
      7 years ago

      très inspirant mais trop court... des airs mélancoliques et pleins de finesse... bravo!!!