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Sunrise Number 1

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    • Qhaddafy avatar

      It seems that you're winning the contest, something that wouldn't amaze me. It's a very uplifting song, and your voice plus the way you sang it enhanced the mood greatly. Thanks for sharing it in Jamendo, and I'm waiting for further album, hopefully it's stay free... :-)

    • traxgu avatar
      @ wrote

      la cancion fue la ganadora y ya vuela por el espacio

    • harmattan avatar

      Beautiful song. It really makes me feel optimistic. To the Earth's orbit and beyond!

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      Charming and upbeat . . . it tickles me and makes me smile . . . I loved the vocalist's singing . . . which was powerful and lilting and along with some whistling . . well . … I would love this song to wake me up if I were in Space . . . what a sunny song!! This song would make me happy if I were sad . . . Hmmm . . . nice idea for a play list . . . happy making songs . . . So I voted for you . . . and Looks like "Sunrise Number 1" is number one . . . and maybe soon this song will be playing in space!

    • murmullocucarachas avatar

      Esta coplita la hemos pillao pa la RAdio Copyleft. Gracias por compartir!!!!