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    • Antho56 avatar
      7 years ago

      C'est y a de l'influence Radiohead,autant sur la pochette que dans la j'aime bien cette direction de style...pour ma part,je pense que le but est atteint.

    • sonnenjagd avatar
      7 years ago

      Am Mainstream natürlich vorbei. Kein Problem. Für mich wirken die Songs disharmonisch und wenig hörbar.(Bei Björk Anlehnung wahrscheinlich der gewollte Stil) Weder nebenbei noch ernsthaft gehört. Musikalisch schlummert bestimmt Talent!

    • drpotoroo avatar
      7 years ago

      This is a debut EP of a French group. Initially, the noticeable accent in the first track was the only thing that held me back from thinking this was Radiohead engaging in some social experiment. With more listens I begin to hear some features that do distinguish this group, however. I particularly appreciated some fine vocal talent in the first few tracks. It sounds to me like a lot of work has gone into every track on this album. There is a lot of intricate layering of sound. It sounds very professionally produced - the band themselves describe it as "entirely homemade." That is certainly quite an achievement. I would love to hear more from this group. Hopefully in future work more of their individuality can shine through - the hints of it in this album leave me expecting great things of this group in the future.

    • Lloyd.Jackman1 avatar
      7 years ago

      Top drawer music here. Strong Radiohead influence with quality to match. Genuinely, could believe that this was their new album. Some interesting directions explored in the music too. A band that has strong potential here if they have more of the same in them.

    • officernarc avatar
      7 years ago

      that was fucking amazing. i can definitely see how radiohead's an influence on you. i mean, they're definitely an overarching influence, but if the worst thing you can say about a band is how they sound like radiohead, there are definitely worse things you could be doing.