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    • murmullocucarachas avatar

      Vuestra musica en la Radio Copyleft http://radio-copyleft.blogspot.com/2011/06/radio-copyleft-63.html Gracias por compartir!!!

    • rastelli avatar

      Singing in their own language, Catalan, this guys from the Valencian Country are rocking it hard. This first EP shows us what can they do, with great power and melodies (01. Canvis que no esperavem, 02. Creuarem la ciutat), wonderful vocals (04. LYS/MAD), great rythms (03. Vint-i-dos), and all together a great but short album. Looking forward to hear their next work and to see them in live concert. I really recomend Tardor to rock and punk lovers.

    • adamtheonlyone avatar

      this guys will get far if they just stay true to their kind of music n their language is pretty cool i loved it

    • AnDy Darling avatar

      Класс!!!)))))) Так держать!!!