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    • khaleu avatar
      @ wrote

      Muito bom!!!Very good. Canciones cortas porem intensas ao mismo que suaves.

    • brendaclews avatar

      Coriandolo recommended your album, and I clicked in, waiting with tension for the sound of synth drums, which I do not like and usually close the tab right away, and, ahhh, your music is real... real... what a blessing! how rare! I can hear your hand on the strings. The pacing is not computer generated perfect. Oh, I could dance and sing! This a a sweet collection of songs sung by your guitar and ukulele and most sweet to my ears. I adore the sound of plucked and strummed steel strings over a wood chassis, the depths and richness of the tones. A happiness in your songs, like the Spring. Thank you for such quiet, soothing, uplifting delight.

    • Bernat Marti Roig avatar

      Precioso, bonito, relajante, sensual... sentimiento puro!!! Me encanta esta guitarra.

    • Brazileiro avatar

      Parabéns, belo álbum e relaxante!!! Beatiful... cool!

    • ballades en balade avatar

      si joli...encore!!! merci beaucoup