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Rodzinna Opowieść - Muzyka z filmu

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      'Rodzinna Opowieść-Muzyka z Filmu', is a three track, Orchestral-Soundtrack album. A Popular Expression in English is, "Don't Blink or You'll Miss it..." and that sentiment holds true for this brief Musical Treasure. Concert Style Grand Piano is the Theme found in Track #1. 'Główny Temat'. along with Violin. Be advised this track is BY FAR has the longest duration of the 3 songs at 1:49. If you become distracted you may miss the remaining songs altogether. Track #2. 'Tajemnicza Kobieta', is a Ultra Quiet-Brief Symphonic strings piece. On a Technical note--there is a pause before the first Note is heard and given the shortness of the work makes it difficult to hear the composition properly the first couple of attempts. Track #3. 'Plany', is exactly like its companion tracks--gentle, soft and lightly Symphonic. It may be that these works are more intended to Samples rather than full works but they are definitely worth hearing.