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    • bizun_ avatar
      6 years ago

      Another full length album by this great artist. A conceptual suite, inspired by folklore music and culture of Tahiti native people. Author writes in the album leaflet, that these are all tracks from some old albums, now given a new mix and a concept. I'm not quite familiar with Adam's earlier work, so I don't have this feeling of the same tracks recycled over and over (as some lazy producers of commercial entertainment industry too often do). This album is surprising. We have here evenly divided rhythm, sequenced bass, slowly modulated drone pads -- all the artistic measures used by downtempo genre and relaxation music. Yet, the album is all invigorating. And inspiring. It made me to dig the net to search for sources -- the Tahiti Heiva (the word meaning 'music' and 'dance' and 'festival', something like 'sabar' in Senegal). There is something in ancient tribal ways of making music, that goes directly to the bones and emotions. We may learn so much from the sources. Seven stars [+++++++---].

    • depechemode avatar
      7 years ago

      ............mais je n'ais pas vraiment accrocher, je peux dire quand même , qu'il y a de la recherche et du bon travail. a+ depechemode

    • platinumfinale avatar
      7 years ago

      Comparable a los Enigma si se les pone voces y melodías a algunos temas. Muy agradable escucha.

    • Weins avatar
      7 years ago

      Qualitative electronic album. The voices in #1 and #7 are quite expressive, especially in #7. The arrangements as a whole are atmospheric enough, I can really imagine something like Tahiti listening to them :)

    • velots avatar
      7 years ago

      Muy bueno... y ex-lente fondo. un saludo argudin2000