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My love is...

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    • Microdac avatar

      I can't sleep. I listen to your music and now I really can't sleep. Great music!!

    • Van Syla avatar

      Listen to this album my friends. It really is excellent : the voice, the music, the mood, the interpretation and the mix. Reminds me of good old James Brown ..and my younger days... Thank you Wolfsong.thePoet for the recommandation.

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      Send this song to the one you love and that person will fall completely head over heels in love with Mr. AzizoFF . . . what a stunning voice . .. there is no compare . . Surely there is nothing better for this traditional love song . . I am speechless . . . so emotionally impacted . .

    • murmullocucarachas avatar

      Nos hemos llevado una de tus canciones a la Radio Copyleft Gracias por compartir!!!

    • edmdob5038 avatar

      Super voix et bonne musique Merci à vous