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Cocktail Eleven

Daniel Bautista
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    • a year ago

      Eleven? That's ridicilious it's not even funny

    • 6 years ago

      New release that waited almost whole year to get reviewed. I have it looped for several days on my player, and it didn't get boring -- this counts always for plus. Cocktail Eleven is a fine mix of instrumental pieces from different genres: it opens with citation from Mars by Gustav Holst, which in turn I know as part of soundtrack for old Amiga game, Megalomania... There are also some progressive rock pieces, recorded with guest musicans (but still against drum machine). And somewhere inbetween all-guitar renditions of two wedding marches, Wagner's and Mendelssons. And yes, the Chopin's nocturnus op.9 (no.2) known throughsoundtrack for /blue lagoon/, carefully arranged for (if I'm counting right) four guitars.This album is great to explore and fun to listen. I dread to think, what would it be live with real drummer, eight stars [++++++++--].

    • 7 years ago

      Ein sehr umfangreiches mit einigen unterschiedlichen, aber im ersten Drittel nicht so arg stark unterschiedlichen Titeln. Irgendwie erscheinen mir die meisten weitgehend in die gleiche Richtung zu laufen; nur die wenigsten besitzen wirklich eine schön ausgearbeitete Melodik. Meist fehlt mir da die Gitarre die melodisch eindeutig den Ton angibt...ab Track 7 gefällt mir die Sache dann doch deutlich besser!

    • 7 years ago

      I really like the adaptation of classic pieces, the neo-classical guitar on top of really hardcore drum patterns... But not only can Daniel take us on furious rides of adrenaline, he also does well with the really soft sounds. He makes great use of the classical scales, but does'nt hesitate to extend his range to more ambitious colorations. In the end, my favourites is the Really Long One. This is a very good prog metal song, but with some classical influences in the intro, which is all I need to enjoy it !

    • 7 years ago

      iam in the mood for Rok, and you did it a very good Album i l i k e i t