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The Substance Affair Jamendo Music album cover
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    • okonkole avatar
      7 years ago

      Nice work ;) I do some wallpapers, distribute some images and I don't know what people do or think of my work. What I did with your work, I put sound on my video (for the ends credits) : Thanks for your work !

    • OLdSKuul62 avatar
      7 years ago

      Impressive BIO BTW . The knowledge of such a diverse range of instruments ,has obviously given your music a presence ,sound and edge that many other works by other artists in this field lack . While I am not absolutely taken by every single track , there are no tracks on this album that I dislike. Personally I think Track 1 "Tale of the Elegance" is the best track on this album . I also think it is a work of brilliance. The textures in that song are incredible . And the use of scratch as a focus for the crescendo was as near to perfection as I have heard Track 2 " First Contact " was a let down after hearing track 1 I like it but not anywhere near as much... I think it is the weakest track on this LP Track 3 East Rain is definitely heading in the right direction . The use of an Eastern theme mixed in with Trip hop is a wonderful concept. Sort of a "Where East meets West" song . Track 4 "The Better Kids" Has a nice mix of textures,sounds and beat. Love the scratch . Track 5 "Supervisor Crew" has a wonderful melody and mix of beats . The Sax sounds oh so nice ... This track could have been used for " Blade Runner". Track 6 "Practical Use" is interesting with that Big beat and the Mandolin. Track 7 "Sleepless Nights " is a nice Jazzy tune , Kind of short though. Track 8 "Visa Race" Is a nice blend . The mix of instrumentation used throughout this song is very nice. Track 9 Very very nice ! And a wonderful way to close an album : ) Peace

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      7 years ago


    • daniloprates avatar
      7 years ago

      great songs

    • sonnenjagd avatar
      7 years ago

      Für mich Chillout nahezu in Perfektion.