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Poor Rich Man (EP)

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    • dyha avatar
      @ wrote

      All versions are great, but I choose as the most beautiful reggae. I congratulate the fruitful cooperation.

    • wirarama avatar

      Its a new version of Gaby cardoso's song. I really like this song cause its lyrics. really great meaning for me. For main version I see its more sad melody than original one. Great piano and bass. also the accoustic guitar. Elect version is more up tempo, like the rhodes piano melody. nice electric drum percussion. Reggae version is also cool, nice organ and bass sound and vocal with reverb. my fav is a elect version.

    • Sonic Mystery avatar

      I prefer reggae version of Poor Rich Man! Five stars for it! Very good composition and arrangement! I think that reggae vibes suits your voice colour and emotional expression! Thank you for sharing your music with me!

    • tinavalentine avatar

      Great pop rock music with very nice ethnic taste. I like the lyrical themes too :D very warm and easy listening. like both of vocal and instrument skill.

    • oesz avatar
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      I like the last track the most. This is because it is arranged best and sounds best. And I like the energy :) Greets!