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    • bizun_ avatar
      6 years ago

      I was confused a bit, why this one was not named "Kompositsia". It made me curious enough to search the net and to dig out the back story.Tramontana is an Italian word, denoting a strong cold wind, a bit similar to mistral, but blowing from the north. I might know better, why this word was used for title, if I had just basic understanding of the language of the lyrics. I can guess only, that Lebanon is northern of Israel... But it is not cold there. I don't know...Strictly musically, the album is just the same as the "Kompositsia" series: guitar, violin, male vocals singing modern Hebrew, and fine mix of blues with some Levant and Klezmer motives. The opening song says just about everything, melody is contagious. And after that it goes only better and better. Once again great craftmanship and talent. My opinion? Although this album is in my head mixed with the other Avi's productions, I still can remember some songs as coming from this particular record. It is all old, but on the other hand all new. Hard to copy with, eight stars then [++++++++--], You need to listen to it to agree or not.

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      6 years ago

      'TRAMONTANA', is a 12 track, Hebrew Language, Classic Rock-Country & Western and Traditional Israeli album. Listeners will not have to wait long to Sample the Style Elements mentioned in the Review Heading as Avi starts the Collections on a Powerful and "Straight to the Point" Note and Tracks 1,2 and 3 showcase this Artist's Extreme Skill and Limitless talent. Musically, Avi Rosenfeld's Style is a Complex but well Blended and Balanced with the Foundation of many of the tracks being based on Classic Rock and replete with Melodic Guitar Riffs and Abundant Electric Organ both of which are Anchored by Thumping Rock Beat Percussion but this only highlights the Sound of One Genre and Rosenfeld is anything but a One Genre Artist. Hebrews lyrics are Proudly and Prominently Drive the Vocals. Listeners unaccustomed to the Intonations esp those with a "Throaty" Delivery will be in for a Happy Surprise as Hebrew Lyrics have the unexpected ability to Meld with Harmoniously with American Fashion Hill Country-Blue Grass related Country and Western to Latin Rhythms as heard in Track #8. 'Samba'. Track #1. 'Adon Haselichot(Lord of Forgiveness)', commences with a Strident Solo Violin Voice in the most Traditional Style Imaginable then the track's Rock's Essence engages and the Traditional Melody is executed by Banshee Electric Guitar(s) and Thunderous Percussion. Add a Chorus of Male Voices singing the Melody and the Composition Serves as the Album's Flagship Work. Track #3. 'Kvar Avarnu Et Natanya', is the most "Hee Haw', Country and Western Fun Listeners will have East of Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Honky Tonky Guitar, Electric Bass, Drum Kit and, of course, Perfect Nasal-Twang, albeit Hebrew Language, Accent. Track #2. 'Yesh Li Mashehu', is the Quintessential--Avi Rosenfeld!. In other words, Pure, Smooth Classic Rock. The remaining tracks each have their own charm and most Listeners are sure to find something to strike their fancy. :D

    • .fenderis avatar
      6 years ago

      Beautiful music I like it.Very good musicians!Very good songs.

    • OaW avatar
      7 years ago

      very good work!...and very good musicians!...

    • U.L.I. avatar
      7 years ago

      Again an international bunch of exquisite musicians has delilivered a colourful, diversified and eclectic album. One can hear all the different influences of these musicians and the huge span of genres. Rock, country, ballads, samba, funk, blues, jazzy stuff is represented here. Remarkable - of course- are the git-soli. The production quality´s also fantasic. Pro level. Ya´ll did a great job, guys !!!!! U.L.I.