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Wszystko albo nic (2007) Everything or nothing Jamendo Music album cover

Wszystko albo nic (2007) Everything or nothing

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    • blumblaum avatar

      Bardzo udana płyta! Lubię głos piosenkarki, bo tworzy jak i muzyka bardzo rozpreżającą atmosferę.

    • ranabir avatar

      Congratulations for this great album. Love the vocals and the album has some nice melodic groove. Guitarist is great. Only problem i have is with the language. Can you please sing in English. Really love the whole music but its painfully short. Definately will be looking forward for their next work.Thanks you guys for sharing.

    • pixel2hot avatar

      I like the female voice. Don't understand what she's singing, but I can learn if she wants to teach me (lol). I like the guitar work, very expressive and well mastered. And the bass lines are a must... For each track his own personality. Influences from pop, prog rock to jazz. Really a good job. My prefered is the last one, with his enchanting guitarn and the fabulous voice... High quality, professional work. Any chance to have some songs in english ?. Thx for sharing your work...

    • bmccosar avatar

      Peut-être que c'est la meilleure surprise que j'ai reçu le mois. Si je polissais une lampe et un génie soit sorti, et ensuite, j'aurais souhaité pour l'album parfait, il est ici! (Mon prochain souhait serait que l'album soit plus long.) C'est exactement le type de musique que j'aime. Perhaps this is the best surprise I've gotten this month. If I polished a lamp and a genie emerged, and I wished for a perfect album, here it is! (My next wish would be for the album to be longer.) This is exactly the type of music that I like.

    • minette88 avatar

      SPLENDID! veiled an album which takes to you in the heart and does not release you any more. A splendid female-intonated voice which makes well pass its emotions, of soft melodies which, in their source language, are even more beautiful. One feels quiet, slackened by listening to this album. A beautiful success.