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Reality Glitches Jamendo Music album cover
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    • dennis santoso avatar
      5 years ago

      You definitely hasn't change even one bit my friend... I still cannot enjoy anything that you wrote and played, but yes, these songs are really you. Waiting for another album, and don't forget about your promise to come home once in a while ;-)

    • C.F. Oderth avatar
      6 years ago

      I must say I definitely enjoy track 1 and track 6! (Track one "Aya" is beautiful). Then sometimes the melodies goes away and leaving soundscapes that evolves, but then I´m not all that impressed - considered there´s hundreds maybe thousands of that kind here on Jamendo. All together this is a piece of interesting work.

    • pasha_limani avatar
      6 years ago

      This six track EP, the debut Jamendo release from Saint NUS, is a slick collection of laid back IDM tunes that captivates the listener from the outset. Despite the title this is certainly no glitch-fest; instead the emphasis is on a rather minimal yet melodic approach and Saint NUS proves that he has a keen feel for both tone and structure. It's a consistent set throughout but the first three numbers shine in particular, especially "Shin" with its lovely melody and clever use of a spoken Japanese sample. Indeed this whole EP has an unmistakeable Japanese feel to it that simply adds to its considerable appeal. In truth Saint NUS doesn't put a foot wrong all the way through and it leaves me looking forward with eagerness to hearing more of his output.