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Summer 2011 EP Jamendo Music album cover
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      To be blunt the oversaturated message of 'avant garde' bores me to death. Though you are far from being part of commercial music, you should bear in mind that there's a fine line between artistic and pretentious. The reminder that most people wont "get" your music is eye rolling for those who have an open mind without operating within a subcultural niche. Perhaps it's my own cynicism speaking, but considering yourself to be overly experimental is a sign of an inflated ego. This album isn't horrible or anything, a big flaw is within the spoken word genre typically the tracks have words (most of your songs don't) and the words spoken are clear (Job 41 is not) The recording mostly revolves around scattered noises and a proto-industrial mentality. I am a fan of the recording quality and the scattered bits of noise are varied enough that if you enjoy a cluttered, noisy, thin sound this may be very appealing. What I take away from this album is a recording quality that I personally enjoy, though many won't. Clunky percussion that isn't too bad in moderation, and poetry that is ambiguous and hard to hear (which to me is essential for a band that calls itself spoken word... It's like guitar rock not having guitars.) My advice to the artist would be to speak clearer and more often, and to consider toning down the "artist" mentality which would really help this music feel less restricted by the bonds of self imposed artistic preconceptions.