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Get into the coma Jamendo Music album cover
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    • runner12345 avatar
      8 years ago

      you guys should look into getting your band around more you make great music amazing guitar shreds and a solid vocals

    • seniora avatar
      8 years ago

      j'aime aussi, merci pour la bonne découverte !!!

    • khades2 avatar
      9 years ago

      before listening it i wanted to be alive. Now i gonna get into coma and i can't not to admit - this is one of expept when music is insanely great with bad sound quality

    • BertMessiah avatar
      9 years ago

      Nice riffs and a pretty dynamic guitar, I like the acoustic mixed with the electric rock guitar... I didn´t like that much the voices with the distorion effect all the time.

    • skok58 avatar
      9 years ago

      Good, hard driving beats/rhythms propel the first 2 songs along at a headbang-inducing clip. Trippy vocal style. The mix sounds great. Intense, frenetic guitar lines make "Get Into the Coma" a standout track. "You're Boring Me" has a kind of Pink Floyd/Allan Parsons-type feel to it. This is some good, heavy progressive rock. Great production/sound quality. Give it a listen!