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Slow Tracks 2

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    • oui oui avatar

      Effectivement très relaxant et toujours aussi bien fait, cependant vu le style relax des morceaux on remarque moi le côté "slow track", par exemple lorsque quand les autres album tu prenais un morceau rapide et que tu le remixais en slow track! A part ça rien a dire, c'est tip top pour se détendre ou pour une séance séduction!^^ PS:J'ai juste une retenue sur le dernier morceau, on dirais deux morceau qui se chevauche...

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      The first track, on any album, is always the one that captivates me or loses me . . . and . . . "Sunbeam in the morning" brought me away into a beautiful place, a little lonely, but peaceful … with visions that sparkled under the rising sun . . These are quiet, slow and ambiguous pieces. . . giving me a variety of serene visions, calming and meditative . .. the tranquility is what shines in this album . . . I wandered into a cool climate on a wide open tundra . .. watching all of the wild creation travel by . . . creatures from everywhere trampling the pathway to somewhere distant . . the dust rising to coat their shoulders . .. the elephants, the whale . .. the mouse, and the worm. Where they were going is a wonder . . . for there was an ark . . of spacial proportions . . a space ship to take them away from a hostile world, to bring them . .. somewhere .. .. into a world of love and kindness and of peace, where the first goal is to give . . . as all these creatures have given on this world and in the next . . they are given to . . OK . . enough story telling .. .. I enjoyed this album's music because it gave me a very large space to create my own dreams and visions . . A great place to meditate and perhaps drift off into a gentle sleep . . where I feel safe and content. . . there wasn't a huge variation between tunes, except for, perhaps, "Erotic riff" which had a voice . . . ummm . .. being erotic .. .. but not overwhelmingly so . . . And if I were to pick a favorite, it would be, "An end is a beginning" a beautiful melody with a sentiment I can appreciate . . . Very lovely music . . .

    • PsyOcean avatar

      hard voltage astral decrease, full relax...) good, very good sweet music!