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When the night falls down Jamendo Music album cover

When the night falls down

Razvan Veina
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    • m_masters avatar
      6 years ago

      A delightfully slow and breezy sound with electric piano and guitar laying down a Bluesy Jazz feel. The slowly paced feel was inspiring and uplifting in a very downbeat way. I move to the slowly swaying and sometimes smooching feel of the sound. The whole feeling is one of relaxed charm and inner peace. The chill is intoxicating. The overall feeling does have more than a touch of Muzak to it, but what the hell, it's so very listenable.

    • ona64 avatar
      6 years ago

      Świetnie się słucha. Fantastyczne dźwięki,które powodują ,że czujesz się lekko tak.Dzięki ;-))) Have a nice day :)

    • troll 69 avatar
      6 years ago

      une très petite plage acoustique fort agréable j'attends un album de 57mn75 Avec tous mes bons souvenirs de Roumanie de 1998 (Haghig--Brasov-delta du Danube) Merci

    • dream_of_the_night avatar
      6 years ago

      Only one trck, but that's a great track. That's very hot tonight and I can't sleep, but now, after have listened ti this, I feel relaxed...bravo!

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar
      6 years ago

      I am always a big fan of this musician . . . and this tune is no exception to the rule . .. I love this little jazzy piece which is like warm honey . . . soothing and pure . .. and gives the listener a good feeling . .. good emotions . . . that feeling that all is well with the world . . .