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Embryonal Confinement

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    • blier off avatar

      y as rien a dire de plus que s'est un tout bon groupes !

    • chaos-black avatar

      Diese EP ist so gut, dass mir einfach nichts fehlt. So ungern ich auch Bewertungen von "10" abgebe - hier muss es sein. Mein Anspieltip ist der Titelsong Embryonal Confinement.

    • OLdSKuul62 avatar

      Just as I said in my review for Opalescence [single version] I really don't hear Tool ,Just Damn good music . I can't begin to guess what people would say if they didn't have the (getting very old) Tool standby to fall back on . Perhaps I am wrong ,But I like to think that this band is original enough to not have that name dropped on them every time someone leaves a review ,or talks about them . If I was an artist ,I don't think I would like always being compared to another band .( That's just me ) Even though the comparison may be a well intended compliment, After a while if those comparisons continue , the band will never be able to escape the "Band that sounds like @@@@ " Instead of the band named Psychocean. Give these guys the respect that they deserve ,for making very good music worth listening to more than once or twice. Again I am amazed with the incredibly good sounds coming from my headphones. Production values are very good . The music is simply awesome and refreshing . The vocals have stood out to me for everything that I have listened to by this band . I really loved the washed out 'Pre' drumming effect at the end of "Magmatism" and carried into the beginning of "Birds Fly Deep Underneath The Water Expanse". The last tracks vocals start out very differently compared with the other tracks on this EP. Sort of a not quite tuned in AM radio station. Then the music follows the vocals ( Like it ) Syncopation abounds in this tune. And it morphs like all real good progressive tunes do . Interesting album art . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone that like really good progressive hard rock . Keep up the extremely good work guys . Your music is a breath of fresh air in this spectrum of this genre.

    • Metabarao avatar

      Excelente banda. Muito parecido com o Tool, mas com um som mais cru.

    • Doppia D avatar

      senza parole! un sound da brividi! consigli per l'ascolto: bicchiere con rum/whiskey comodamente seduti con le gambe distese occhi chiusi e buon viaggio!