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Lick the lollipop feat Chelsea Davis

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      'Lick the lollipop feat Chelsea Davis', is a Hip-Hop-Pop Hybrid Single. A surprisingly Good Music Experience awaits Listeners in this album! Although be forewarned a couple of words qualify as Explicit Lyrics( they absolutely DO NOT Detract from the quality or performance). Smooth Hip Hop Style Synth Keyboard Technique introduces the composition but is shortly supplanted by TWO Superb Vocals. Vocal #1--> Is a Lyrically Sung Chorus( actually done as a Duet at times) which gives the song its "Pop" Accent. Vocal #2-->Is a Female Rap that is Eloquently delivered and Intelligently Themed. The manner of execution may remind some Listeners of Mainstream Music's --Dana Owens better known as Queen Latifah, as she sounded in her early days. Among Other Strong Points is the Beat Box Percussion which does not overshadow the Vocals or other accompanying instrumentation yet gives the work a Strong and Rhythmic Flow. This composition is in some ways similar to another Jamendo Artist, Latasha Lee. Put aside any preconceptions you have about "Rap, Hip Hop or Urban" and give this work a audition. You will not be disappointed.