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      Beautiful airs, I lovely very much "mood"

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      Merci à vous

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      Можно слушать и слушать...... Растворяюще!

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      Ну раз уж вы из России, то давайте тогда я по-русски)) Вот мне показалось по Вашей музыке, что Вы тоскуете, осень пришла, мда-а-а-а-а) А я совсем не тоскую, скучно немного, но не тоскую)) Да, музыка красивая, Вы молодец!

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      'Autumn', is a two track, Instrumental, Classical album. Boris Lazarev, captures the Style of Vivaldi( 'Four Seaons') in both pieces contained in this album. Track #1. 'Old Autumn Garden', reflects the Feeling of the Season with with a Gentle Piano-Violin Duet. Track #2. 'Moods', also uses Piano but in a subtly different fashion. This work is more of a Piano solo in its Introduction and the notes are Tranquil but not Melancholy. In the latter stage Violin joins in and the Serenity of the Piece is more greatly enhanced. Ultimately, Spectacular Mood Music yet Subdued so that the Listener is softly "coaxed" into a state of peacefulness not jolted.