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    • AlienStorm avatar

      Très bon album dans l'ensemble, les mélodies ont étés très bien soignées et choisies. Je dis 9/10 car franchement je me suis laissé aller en écoutant tes albums !!! Encore un Grand bravo JCRZ et merci de nous partager ta passion ! Vive la musique libre !!!

    • Angelo avatar
      @ wrote

      Never I give "10" as rating in Jamendo..... This is the first time... I hope the second also for you!. My compliments! Angelo DJ

    • davidj83 avatar

      bravo bravo bravo ouaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      "Falling Stars" is an album of sensitive and nuanced chill . . . peaceful and relaxing . . . these pieces give room to dream and smile . . . The music is crystal clear and sparkles like a clean running stream of water traveling through a meadow in the velvet dark of night, with the stars shining and dancing, twinkling and falling, through the water . . .. but this music does more for me than that visual . . . it makes me feel as though I am under the waterfall . . . at the end of the valley . .. where the water pools and is as deep as the night . . . reflecting the trees leaning in towards the still reflection of the sky . . . Of the "Falling Stars" versions . . . I preferred the 3rd track . . . but all were very nice. And "Deep Blue" was spectacular . . .

    • fxman4u avatar

      This is really a beautiful album, everything is harmonic and fits together very well. The only disadvantage is "Falling Stars" being a little bit too repetitive. Nevertheless, listening to this music is pure joy and charges me with positive energy.