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ChocolateChip Vanilla Ice Cream Dream

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    • Elesdai avatar
      10 years ago

      La première piste de cet album fais complètement planer avec un air de déjà entendu. J'adore ! Les autres titres tirent beucoup plus sur l'expérimental qui ressort le côté psychédélique de chacun. Belle recherche Musicale !!

    • Starting Somewhere avatar
      10 years ago

      Interesting music, but sounds a bit random at times. In "I had a dream" there is a note so low that it nearly blew my speaker. I think this music would benefit from having more rhythm in it.

    • Triplexity avatar
      10 years ago

      Short loops overdubbed by SFX and noises that might be good if were accomplished. A good prank for fellas at barbecue, but not something that can be taken seriously. I must say though, there were some real good psychedelic moments here and there, particularly in the last track. One thing I know for sure it ain't no pork that was grilling there ;-)

    • minette88 avatar
      10 years ago

      Un album aux sons un peu étrangeS, différend de l'autre album, mais que l'on écoute avec plaisir.

    • windzug avatar
      10 years ago

      *funky *acid* *fun-jazzy *schräge *etwas aus der spur* *überraschend* *verspielt* *mitunter etwas zu effektgeil* *bizaar* *durchaus unterhaltsam*