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Alaska Jamendo Music album cover
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      "Heartbreaker" A midpace beat that stepped up regularly and moved in and out of themes and pace with great ease. The running theme in a memorable guitar riff was mind etching and rang on well after the track ended. "Ceremony" Percussion and light guitar entry with cool vocals was a pleasant start. The background sound of the guitar with it's soft edge blended well with vocals. The move between the quieter moments to those a little more full on added a little edge and class. "Goldfish In A Jar" Wonderfull upbeat heart-racing sound with plenty to hear and a magical pace that knocks your ears off. The guitars kicked ass with an excellent riff driven backdrop that provided the most catchy of tunes. "Philia" The bouncy endless pace delivered much style with its speed as the guitars blended and led the theme. The vocals felt good and the strain in the voice added the right emphasis to the genre. "Far From The Stars" The fast percussion and equally paced guitar riff produced a sharp and somewhat tiny sound which was contrasted by the deeper vocals. The contrast didn't work for me, though I thought the sound was great without the vocals and the vocals equally great without the backdrop. Just my taste, I'm sure most won't agree. Great music put together in a great collection. The sheer pace delivers excitement whether you want it or not. When energy meets musicianship it delivered something like what was heard here. The boundless pace, wonderful riffs and some smooth vocal harmonies in "Goldfish In A Jar" made this a winner for me. The opening bars of "Goldfish In A Jar" instantly got me moving and sounded very familiar. I had heard this several months earlier from the "2nd demo" album. The riff was obviously very memorable and burned its way into my psyche. A great testimony a well written and performed piece. Great to see the vastly improved album cover from the "2nd demo" effort. Excellent work guys.

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      Una de tus canciones en el programa 68 de la Radio Copyleft gracias por compartir

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      Wonderful catchy tunes, great beats, nice mixing.... pure pop! Very professional sound from such young talent!