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    • 6 years ago

      Buena música amigo! Saludos desde València (España).

    • 8 years ago

      When it comes to digital music, my general rule of thumb is "the less synthy the better". That doesn't mean the music MUST come from a piano or guitar, but if the sound created from a digital audio workstation is very close to a real instrument (in other words, fairly subtle and "natural-sounding"), then it has a greater chance of being liked by the likes of me. ^^ The exception is dreamsynth, synth with great rhythm or any kind of synth that's intentionally humorous or nostalgic (e.g., disco!!), but aside from these I have to disclaim that I may be a little too harsh when it comes to judging synthesized sounds. ^^' With that little background established, here's how I feel about each track: ================= A LO LARGO: The early dreamsynth combined with the delicate piano play forms a soothing and mesmerizing background, while the bass and cymbals reinforces this up with an addictive, head-banging beat. Married together, and you get a beginning that's both beautiful and cool, and up there as candidate for favorite track in this album. ^^ The reason it doesn't make the cut for me, however, begins with the "wahah" synth starting at 2:01. It's not only very obvious synth that seems to break a little of the smoothness of the intro, but it also lasts for 1.5 minutes. I've definitely gotten used to it after subsequent listens, but I think if it were replaced with something more acoustic (or at least some more dreamsynth), then the piece would be picture perfect for me. ^^ MI CHANGA: This makes for some interesting Rave-like music, but I can't say it's really my thing. ^^' MISA DE GALLINAS: LOL at the title. ^^ It is a bit synthy at first, but it's not unpleasant given the suspenseful, almost villainous atmosphere. For some reason it reminds me a little of Final Fantasy VII, and indeed it could fit right at home in a game. :) MY HERMANO: Ah! Another piece that soothes the tired soul after a long day's work! Also a wonderful piece to reflect on friendship, collaboration,... or basically everything that you stand for. ^^ As I mentioned before, even though the instruments do have a distinctive synth sound, its barely noticeable. The clarinet sounds like one, and it can definitely lead me around effortlessly like the Wonderland rabbit. Only the saxophone at 2:15 seems a little harsher than the rest of the synth insruments, but it manages to blend in a little nicely with the rest of the piece. In this way, the "interruption" is not as noticeable as in A Lo Largo-- although I wonder how it might sound if that particular sax sound were softened a bit. NOCTAVIA: a very cool, ominous, brooding piece with some very gorgeous dreamsyth embedded in it starting at 1:26. It does tug at the heartstrings, but the end affect is rather bittersweet -- it is very sad, but ironically there's just a hint of hope in it for a better tomorrow. ONCE: Well this one's almost like a funk-rock Mi Changa, and the rhythm is definitely more fun and addictive to listen to (the little back-and-forth channel works at 1:50 is a cool effect!). Also, love the brief cameo by the A Lo Largo dreamsynth towards the last 30 seconds But this piece is definitely best enjoyed by fans of the genre. ^^b OUR JOURNEY: After our seeming rollercoaster ride of synth and dreamsynth during the last 6 pieces, this one presents itself as a very simple and pleasant break from the norm. And WHAT a break it is, because the piano work is simply astounding!! Despite the fact that it is a little on the simple side (and short), it is actually one of my favorites in the album). ^__^ PALADIN: jeje, another game worthy piece, although judging by the name I think you meant for it. :D *queue obligatory airship-flying-over-game-map scene* Again, the flute shows another example of synth-done-right, as it's a very elegant and beautiful-sounding guide as it leads us through all the pomp and glory of the harp, drums and trumpets playing in the background. ^-^ ROLA Z: There is a reason why I wanted this on the Main Menu of @CameliaGirls (the FOSS visual novel I'm working on). This is, IMHO, NUMBER ONE in your album! :D Like with the beginning of A Lo Largo, it marries elegant piano work, majestic dreamsynth, and a drum/cymbal beat that keeps the entire piece moving later on without overpowering it. But unlike A Lo Largo, this grandeur continues on for the remainder of the piece -- and in fact, just like with Johann Pachelbel's "Canon in D major", it incrementally gets better and better until you end the piece breathless with joy and appreciation that such beautiful, well-balanced music exists in the world! Without a doubt one of the crowning jewels of Jamendo! :D TO BE HAPPY: This one is just plain c-u-t-e, and just like with Our Journey the simplicity and change-of-pace makes this a much adored piece by me. It's also the most acoustic piece of all and extremely fun to listen to. TO BE FREE: Remember I said I can like a good synth if it has a good rhythm. The "whiz-whiz" and "wahwahwah" synth sounds throughout the entire piece take a little getting used to, but they are pleasant (more so the "wahwahah" one) so the piece has definitely grown on me. I do feel the whiz-whiz sounds overpower the gorgeous background music, though -- overall, I'd also love to see how an all-acoustic version of this piece would sound like.

    • 9 years ago

      Que onda Renich!!! Me gustaron "A lo largo", "My hermano","Paladín", "Rola Z", "To be free". Por cierto, "To be happy" me hizo sentir feliz como niña de 5 años, es divertida. Música para hacer buena compañía. Marina

    • 10 years ago

      Aun cuando este genero no es mi fuerte y aun no distingo el sonido de sintetizadores, de teclados o demas, me parece que le inpregnas muchas ganas y sentires. Tus ejecuciones cautivan y atraen, en ocasiones suaves,en ocasiones fuertes, mas todas con maestria, sobre todo el piano. Te he recomendado con los amigos, y espero te apoyen para promover mas y mas nuestra musica libre Mexicana, De mexico con Amor, Eva Maria

    • 10 years ago

      Hola, soy de Mexico, quisiera saber si desean pertenecer a una comunidad mexicana en jamendo? Para buscar mas exposicion, espacio en conaculta, ecultura, radios indie, medios indie, tv culturales,universidades, del sitio jamendo en mexico, generando una pagina web mexicana con todos los artistas mexicanos que hayan publicado material en jamendo.(utilizando un widget de su musica solamente) Quisiera saber su opinion, y saber sus ideas sobre este tema y que podriamos hacer tambien.