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The Same Old Joke

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      it's madness this band thank you for sharing

    • OLdSKuul62 avatar

      Everything about this is just right. Very nice sound and production . Cover looks great and the music sounds even better . This sounds like a lot more than just indie or pop to me . First song - So Practical - grabbed my attention straight away . second song - Bad - Held it. It has a very interesting and dark almost haunting feel to it . Third song - Oh Dirty Joke is or seems quite different from the first two tracks . But it is still a great song . And it kept me wishing that there were more tracks to listen to ! This whole EP is a solid effort by the band and is most definitely worthy of your time to listen to it if you like Indie music at all. @ amélie I have really enjoyed your previous effort - be low and I have really nothing at all to complain about from this effort . Keep up the great work I wish you all the success you deserve.

    • murmullocucarachas avatar

      Una de tus canciones en el programa 68 de la Radio Copyleft gracias por compartir

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      @ wrote

      Meravigliose melodie.. continuate così!!

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      J'adore !