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    • 6 years ago

      Je viens de passer de "ALDEBARAN" et "DARK TRIP" à ce 1er opus plus que réussi! Respects!

    • 7 years ago

      Das war heute genau das Richtige! So ein wenig was zum chillen, aber auch für ein wenig Melancholie. Jedenfalls Entspannung pur. Erstaunlich und überraschend.

    • 8 years ago


    • 8 years ago

      VICERAL !!!!!

    • 9 years ago

      ADC Level was one of my early listening experiences on Jamendo, and it's about time I got round to some reviewing. I can remember liking the sounds then and nothing has changed in that respect. However, someone came and kindly broke my computer and it took me ages to save for a new one. They paid but not in cash!-) Push Ya, quite elegantly done, and some of us need a push, but there is so much to cover, just in this artists repertoire, I am going to need a lot of time. Sex Invadaz keeps up the tempo, though I find soundbytes from porn films distasteful, the track itself is good electronic manipulation. Night Halo has a lovely dark soundtrack feel to it. The air stays the same, if not gets a little more eerie with Ghost Area, nice electronics again. R'z In Da Hood, gives a new meaning to hoods and is good. X-Level, smooth and quite calm. Welcome keeps the mood nicely. There is something 'futuristic' about this, sci-fi soundtrack kind of feel. Fight Survivor is nice instrumentalism, and I've been here before, and it still feels good. Must be something to that, surely. What can I say about ADC's Castle but it's a sound construction indeed. Though not my favourite, I prefer the darker ones, like Night Halo, Ghost Area, X-Level, it's still consistently good music. The Payback, cool atmosphere, been there too. Nice feeling. The energy has stayed the same but the whole album, up to Keep'M Out has become curiously calmer and milder, though like I said hasn't diminished as such. Now, I like Near Death Experienz, possibly my favourite on this album so far. Good dramatic edge to it. Fine stuff. Quite a talent at hand to go from quite danceable work to fantastic atmospherics like this. It's all coming back to me now. Before The Storm is a nice track, again good and solid. Ressurection brings us back to beautiful flowing feelings, almost classical in form. The Arrival having a sense of drama to it that would be good enough for a decent film. A fine musical array altogether. Nice work. Thanks for reminding me of your presence, but there is such an overwhelming abundance of brilliant work that I am almost running out of words to describe it all. I'll be back...