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Kompositsia VI

Avi Rosenfeld
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    • bizun_ avatar
      6 years ago

      [just a note: Everything I've wrote within review of album Kompositsia I applies to all Kompositsia series, so for overall characteristics refer there. I tend to think of Kompositsia like it was one multi-disk album.]Another of the Kompositsia series, and once again a nice album being fine mix of almost all blues/rock incarnations. Nice hummable melodies, elaborate and carefully layered arranges, sometimes simplistic, sometimes huge.My favourites? Rainbow Woman and good December, but it was hard to choose among all those little masterpieces of craftsmanship.Eight stars, because it is very good record. I'll repeat, I'd like to hear them on stage. [++++++++--]

    • mp3mp3 avatar
      6 years ago

      Very good album.

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      6 years ago

      'Kompositsia VI', is a 12 track, Hebrew-English, Multi-Genre album. Usually the Description "Classic Rock" would appear in my Classification of an Avi Rosenfeld Album and indeed such Selections are Present in this Collection but the overwhelming Feeling of this Edition of 'Kompositsia' is one of Relaxed Contemplation and Retrospection, which are often, associated with Coffee Houses. Musically, dare I say it?--:D, Classic Rock, Traces of Country and Western, Blues, Humor, Easy Listening and a Unique Israeli Style( which more accurately be a Rosenfeld Style) that Regular Fans of this Artist will recognize when they hear it. This is a Full Length Album! Listeners will not encounter any Demo or Snippet tracks so be prepared for a Prolonged Musical Excursion. The Examples listed below are Standouts in an Album of Standouts and are only shown for Illustrative Purposes. Track #2. 'Shalva(Serenity)', is a Hebrew Language, EZL Pop-Rock Piece. Guitars-Acoustic an Electric render a Gentle Harmony to Rosenfeld's Vocal while accompanied by a Mellow Rock Drum Cadence. Track #6. 'Wait For Me', is a English Language, Hard Rock Piece. The Song is Powerful and Driven and while Less Mellow than many of its Companion Tracks fits the Mood of the Album very nicely. Track #10. 'Hatsi Yareach(Half Moon)', is a Hebrew Language, Hard Rock Track. This Composition also breaks the Mellow Pace Mold but has a Distinctly Different Character from Track #6. Full of Minor Chords and Completely Electric Sound; the Guitars are in Full Shrieking Demon Persona. Track #3. 'Good December', is All Sweetness and Light. Soft Acoustic Guitar and Violin serenade the Listener with a Subtle Country and Western Sound. Rosenfeld delivers the English Lyrics in a Velvety Croon and Lulls the Listener into a State of Contentment. Track #12. 'Rainbow Woman', Opens with a Full Female Chorus which Explodes into a Adult Contemporary Pop Ballad as Avi takes Lead with English Lyrics. The Expression "Rip Roaring Good Time" is certainly apt with this Gregarious Composition. Overall, Another Feather in the Artist's Cap! Good Music, Great Mood(s), Fine Ambiance. What more could Fans ask?

    • Wogis avatar
      6 years ago

      sehr gut gemacht^^

    • Tadek59 avatar
      6 years ago

      Nice sound and excellent vocal ! Great job !