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Sickboys and Lowmen

    • Je tombe sur cette chanson et j'adore. Du rythme et de la douceur en plus! envoutant! l'inspiration est bien là faut en faire d'autres comme celle là!

    • Muy buena musica, a la par que sencilla. He disfrutado mucho escuchandola

    • This band just continues to offer great music. I have downloaded everything they have put on Jamendo and have not been disappointed. Get It, You'll Like It!

    • This mid paced bopping style was very easy to listen to. It was what I would describe as the typical summer song. It contained all the light, happy sunshine feel(not really present in Blues) and then added light Blues touches. The male vocal was smoothly delivered with a well crafted flow. The voice sang with a cool relaxed edge than didn't always portray the emotion I would have expected. I would have thought the line "Sweet desire Of a girl" could have been delivered in a happier tone. However, the general bouncing warm feel of the piece carried enough happy summer feeling for me to enjoy all year long.

    • Good music. really enjoyable!