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    • Die Linie der Schläge ist fein und hübsch. Die Gesamtheit mit der elektronischen Tastatur ist super!

    • Hey, das frische Lied des Drachen und des Mädchens:) Fabelhaft!

    • The first listening to this collection, i felt the escape would be my one possible conclusion for this Album. And now, i just don't want to stop the play of most of its singles :) It is finally a remarkable work on varied electronic atmospheres.

    • on the track existance - Pan:core :

      Nice expression and witness of industrial ere atmosphere, (like "dopamine")

    • on the track interlude - Pan:core :

      Some sound sets are so fluid, so crystal clear and gliding above without possible obstacle like a crown on king's head. "Interlude" will be a well deserved part of these happy inventions. Evident desirable noise for pauses and backgrounds.