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    • on the album Sion Ambients - sion :

      Where's the rest of it? I downloaded the whole album but there are a few songs that are badly cropped. Did I do something wrong?

    • on the track sion - Loss - sion :

      Imagine the moment a mother has just been told her only son has died...this could be the soundtrack. Such a sad and lonely piece of music.

    • Belle surprise finale, vraiment!

    • Pour ce qui est de la musique calme à progression lente, on est bien servi. Plus dans la production et la proposition de rythmes. Les chercheurs de mélodies peuvent ne pas trouver assez leur compte. Un bon album que j'apprécie mieux que les"Session."

    • If I want to use this music. what should I do??

    • hi, it depends what you want to use it for - if you want to include it for something commercial contact the licensing team at Jamendo, I've already submitted it to the licensing program so it should be available once they've approved it.