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    John Zealey lives in Aylesbury (UK), married with 2 kids and not looking to throw TV's out of hotel windows. He drops his guitar daily at 3pm to pick the kids up from school. The net plays a big part in his life. He creates and distributes music related software, videos and music through those magical wires.

    His first commercial album ‘First Chance I Get I’m Out Of Here’ was made in his garden shed as a kind of midlife-crisis present to is mates. While they were all having theirs in the ‘real world’ John figured he’d have his on CD. His buddy, Martin Grech (who you may remember as the guy who sounded like a choir boy on the Lexus ad a couple of years back) features on a couple of the tracks, providing vocals and additional guitar. John also hijacked friends and neighbours to play a bit of guitar here and there.

    What other people have said about John Zealey……

    “From start to finish First Chance I Get I'm Out Of Here is a highly listenable and diverse affair, I've been using this CD as my soundtrack as I journey back and forth to work for the past week or so and every play reveals a new favourite. This is an unexpected gem which such appeal to anyone who enjoys well crafted rock.” -Rythmn & Booze

    “Mark my words – John Zealey is pure talent, and is set for world domination – get ready.

    Oh, did I tell you this is the best record of the year?” – Glasswerk

    “….for all lovers of quality, warmth and maybe even perfection.” – Frink Music

    “If you get this CD and you don't like it, then I suggest you go out and buy yourself some new ears. Instant classic.” – Rock City
    If you want to find out more visit John's MySpace page.

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