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    • Presque 10 ans ! mais très actuel

    • This Album will SURPRISE many Listeners especially first timers or those not familiar with the Artist. Track #1. 'Stay Or Go' begins on a strongly Contemporary Easy Listening Note with a Elegant Piano Intro. Then without warning a highly Eloquent Male Rap emerges only to be followed with a Lyrical Urban Style Male Chorus all the while supported by Mellow EZL Keyboard Harmony. Track #2. 'Be Here' is no less surprising. This Work goes from Tranquil Bass Guitar and Keyboard Chillout to a Wraith-like Electric Guitar Rock Ballad which accompanies a Warmly Flowing Male vocals( Lead and Backup ). The Harmony between the Voices and Instruments is Incredible! This is the Album to introduce to people who declare they don't like Rap or Hip Hop.

    • Derrius Dean brings this album to a higher level! not my personal taste but this is good soul/rnb music!

    • Merci pour votre générosité en nous offrant ce morceau particulièrement réussi. Juste ce qu'il faut d'électro et de voix. J'ai utilisé ce titre dans mon émission "Sang libre" :

    • Cool song, thanks for sharing ;)