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Houdini Roadshow

    • Love it!! keep rockin that

    • Just rock and roll! Amazing quality and great songs. Let it Rock!

    • Fine music, raw simple and contagious beat. Congratulations!

    • Aaaah... history repeating. I'm the negative one. Ok. I find this album BLANK. For sure, it's rock. But also my Yamaha keyboard can generate rock. Lyrics are... blank too. Two barrel carburator. Two barreeeeeel...carburator. Two. Barrel.... uhm... carburator. And guess what? Two barrel carburator. A song tell Gimme, Gimme, another one Gimme Blood. You can do a song called Gimme my two barrel carburator of blood. And the metrics can be the same. I own at least 50 CD of something like this, sorry, but in my opinion this is NOT worthy an euro from my pockets.

    • Uhm... Do I have to remember you that Rihanna's best hit is a song that just says 'work work work work work work' while she twerks like a... ehem...?

  • another song to listen too.. Just what I've been looking for :)