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    • You do have it going on, dont stop and never give up on your dreams...

    • on the track SURRENDER - NYCO :

      Loved the music, and we would love to format a video for you, and this song. As a music artist, we just loved it....

    • on the album TWO - NYCO :

      Unique and quality vocals. Beautiful arrangements and tight acoustics. Even the songwriting is good. I really like the sound and truly hope you guys are justly rewarded with a place in the sun.

    • on the album TWO - NYCO :

      I shared this music on youtube, but they blocked the tunes. Dear Henry Massingale, Zylo has reviewed your dispute and released its copyright claim on your video, "Superman- Electric Earthquake (1942) Video Music Mix". For more information, please visit your Copyright Notice page. "Superman- Electric Earthquake (1942) Video Music Mix". by Henry Massingale Sincerely, - The YouTube Team "Edward Atkatz, Michael Valerio-English Song", sound recording administered by: 4:19 CD Baby Claim released. Audiovisual content administered by: 1:44 Zylo Claim released.

    • This guy: what a singer! Beautiful song, anyone that hears it could say it's from John Mayer or Jason Mraz or a very famous singer. Amazing!