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Son Electronique

    • Salve good music elettronic sperimetal sound. Bye from Italy

    • This record is soft and gentle. I nearly fell asleep from boredom and had to turn it off. If you're into spacey atmospherics, this album may have some appeal for you.

    • OK . . . I really liked this music . . . lots of easy adventures . . and feelings of explorations and yet . .. there is this lovely lazy feeling also . . . exactly what a vacation should be . . . The music was mildly upbeat and golden with summer sunshine and sparkles on deep water . . . very happy emotions with high expectations . . . of complete joy . . .and I even found myself dancing a little . . with a smile on my face . . . Happy!

    • Some very nice work here. A definite download from first listening. Keep up the good work. Ox3

    • A lot of good work done in this album! Creative work! Thank you for sharing it with me!