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    • on the track BABY - Leo Bowers :

      Ultra Rare Hybrid Song! Leo Bowers blends his Warm Voice and Earnest Ryhthm & Blues Style to the Down Home Ambiance of a Classic Country & Western Ballad for this Fine laid back Single. Excellent!

    • on the track BABY - Leo Bowers :

      Doug Steigerwald Fantastic track Leonard!! What a cool groove and vibe!! Great playing!! Guitarist in Santa Cruz, California 1 day ago Props (3) Beatle Banjara jr. PEAR CORPORATIONVocalist in Seattle, Washington 2 days ago Props (3)

    • on the track BABY - Leo Bowers :

      Noch nie davon gehört.....aber KLASSE !!!

    • When I translated this it read: "Never of it…. however CLASS belongs", is that good or bad? what does it mean? I'm Sorry!!!

    • I wish I could understand in this comment.

  • on the track BABY - Leo Bowers :

    Ohhh yeah, such a sweet bay-bay.... Love the use of the vox to form the word, unh! Good tune, Mr B!! Even though I'm just doing the show for LifeStyleRadio and my own "After Hours" this will fit in just fine. Thanks for sharing with us all!

  • Hey Phoenix..! Yeah I had time to touch up a little, and thank you so much. It's always a pleasure to read your writings and reviews. I have all of the past reviews in archive and they're still in the Jamendo line-up. Trying to get organized!