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The Kyoto Connection

    • 好熟悉,像极了.....

    • Excelente album, mucho talento

    • buena letra, buena musica.

    • I first "reviewed" this fine group back in 2009, and I am long overdue to do another one. First off, the latest release lacks nothing compared to their first release, which drew us in with it's unique compositions, fine musician ship, and overall sound. The new vocalist sound great, and blends well with the overall vibe & feel of the tracks. The Videos that the group has been releasing of their Live concerts show a tight, well rehearsed band in top form IMHO....VERY enjoyable! Overall you can not go wrong with ANY of their releases, and they are in constant rotation here at home.

    • This mixture of different atmospheres in one Track is so enjoyable, sometimes mixing different music is considered like something difficult to listen to, well this is not that case.