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    • Très bon EP bien bruyant mais une note de douceur tout de même :)

    • I love the mixture between breakcore and classical music ... It is well thinking, a beautiful confirmed work ! Cool ;)

    • This is one of the best period.This is a good mix of tech, ambient, drone, noise, all equaly balanced to make an amazing short experimental album that gets right to the point.

    • I enjoyed this album,specially the first track, good breaks and good cuts

    • ✰✰ Alterior's Debut electronic album: No Reason to Be Ashamed is not for the glitch or experimental neophyte, nor is it intended for easy listening. Those expecting a mind shattering glitch-fuck, minimal experimentalism, or an upbeat pop track will be systematically disappointed. It’s listening requires a patient endurance, where scattered and hidden amidst the gasps of static, violin samples, breakcore beats, echoes, drones, and the high-pitched tones that bleep bloop and beep, the listener finds places of solace: epic video game melodies woven together with bits of disembodied vocal harmonies and spoken word lyrics highlighting mathematical mysteries or oscillating whispers which haunt and hint at loneliness. ✰✰