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    Tab was first introduced to music at age five by playing the drums. He became instantly drawn to hip-hop because of how the breakbeats carried the songs. The Wu-Tang Clan was one of the main reasons Tab started to write his own material. The intellectual lyrics, dark subject matter and gritty beats inspired him to create music of his own.
    Throughout hishschool Tab started to take his talent more and more seriously. He was in and out of cyphers everyday after classes and he started to generate a buzz. Tab would than go on to link up with an underground rap group called The Black Dragonz. T.B.D was a very dark, very lyrical group and is the reason why Tab's verses still sound the way they do.
    Producing became a new hobby a few years later. Tab was now moving alot of mixtapes and doing local shows. His beats were becoming more and more complex (mixing samples with live instruments). The young emcee was now behind the boards producing for almost every local artist in the area. Tab was making a name for himself but he felt the need to experiment.
    Music became his 9 to 5. He would be in the studio all day and than DJ at night to make ends meet. Along the way Tab picked up the guitar and decided to form a band. With the band (Angel’s Hideout) Tab sculpted his hip-hop songs into a mix of trip-hop and rock. With this newly found talent he began creating his own sound, a new style of hip-hop. Tab was now singing and rapping while playing the guitar. Angel’s Hideout was short lived but they did manage to blow away a couple venues before they split. Tab than decided to go back to his roots....Hip-Hop. 
    He is now in an underground group with Renagade called Dead Poet Society. In the group Tab mixes his original sound with Ren’s vicious old-school rhymes. With an acoustic album (Traveling in Stereo) on the way, as well as a Dead Poet Society album Tab has been locked in the studio. He considers himself an artist more than a rapper or producer and puts 110% into every project he’s involved in. No matter what the topic or genre Tab brings music with a message and he is ready for the world to hear.

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