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    hello, i’m bryyn, nice to meet you on the internet. i started making music around 2004 in the chicago neighborhood called pilsen. after that i moved to pittsburgh in 2008 for a year and met buddy nutt and michael savisky! after that i moved to switzerland in 2009 and worked on some more music and released an internet album with berlin-based net label ahhh records. i also met some fun musicians like alex allflat, aurelie rewki, entertainment for the braindead, jens ingensand, lucille meyer (dorthée) and marcin rewki. i moved back to the usa in 2012 to akron, ohio and worked on a little more music but mostly went for walks in cuyahoga valley national park. in 2015 i moved to moscow, idaho and am looking to meet some musicians in the area. thanks for listening, please visit my music page!

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