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    • on the track Canicule - TSF :

      Hello, I'm considering to use this song in a non-lucrative small YouTube video clip. Would that be OK, provided that I give credits for it in the video description? Thanks :)

    • Hello, could you tell me more about the video ? Please contact me at tsfmontreal @ gmail . com Thanks TSF

  • J'apprécie beaucoup le côté "destructuré" / "expérimental" de cet album.

  • on the track Hip-hop Café - TSF :

    dope track

  • on the album EPhemere EP - TSF :

    Vraiment excellent, j'ai écouté "L'illusion du bonheur" plusieurs fois d'affilées ^^

  • on the album EPhemere EP - TSF :

    There are Tone Poems and there are Soundscapes: then there is this Collection which is on a Level Entirely its Own! And not to put too of a Fine Point on it these Songs are Pure Sonic Magic! Track #1. 'L'illusion Du Bonheur' starts the Album on a Eccentric Electro Lounge Hybrid which has a Retro Disco-Pop( Late 70s sort of Feel)Ambiance. This Track alone is worthy of Representing the Album but as the songs continue; even more Wondrous Sound Textures reveal themselves in the most enchanting ways such as Track #5. 'Migrations' which incorporate Traditional African Rhythms or Track #6. 'Clean it Up', that mingles, Techno, Woodwinds and a Island-esque Vocal. The Album Title suggests impermanence but once heard I believe these songs will never be forgotten.