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    • on the album #FridayTrack - TSF :

      Sharp, Clear and Vibrant Ambient Electronica Awaits! In my opinion, TSF's Album strikes a balance between Soundtrack and Electro Dance. Power Bass, Striking Melodies and occasional Vocals(English & French lyrics). blend effortlessly. Good Stuff!

    • on the album Squick! - TSF :

      In my opinion, this Album has some of the Best Cross Genre yet uniquely defies Classification Eclectic Music on Jamendo! Drum & Bass, Disco-Funk, Electro EZL, Synth-Piano Keyboard and Guitar(virtual[?]) just to name a few is heard. Jam on it

    • on the track Canicule - TSF :

      Hello, I'm considering to use this song in a non-lucrative small YouTube video clip. Would that be OK, provided that I give credits for it in the video description? Thanks :)

    • Hello, could you tell me more about the video ? Please contact me at tsfmontreal @ gmail . com Thanks TSF

  • J'apprécie beaucoup le côté "destructuré" / "expérimental" de cet album.

  • on the track Hip-hop Café - TSF :

    dope track