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    • on the album Glitch - LukHash :

      Between 2010 and 2014-15 i listened to your songs almost every week. Then i forgot a little about you. Now i come back to it and discover you released 2 more albums and have one more on the way. This is really awesome. You rock ! Peace !

    • on the album Psyche - LukHash :


    • wow! u r a gr8 fan of demoscene muzak arent u? anyway,i adore the arrangements once again... so much passion and love 2 melodies and dance able music... vibe and atmosphere haunts me, unfortunately 2 short... could listen it 4 hours!

    • on the track H8 U 2 - LukHash :

      powerful composition. gr8 vibe and atmosphere.... can't hate it.

    • i feel sorry 4 your loss. again sweet melodies and masterful arrangements