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      Well compiled album... all tracks... great music

    • PATROUX avatar

      Very nice Music. I like the sound of your compostions and the nice melodies ( I had also a Korg MS20 in the past and also Korg sequencer SQ10 , great instruments) Well done

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      on the album The Universe - Kwillu:

      felicidades una excelente muestra de trabajo en los sintetizadores, me provocaste un viaje con tan buenas atmosferas

    • BigEdLB avatar

      I hear echoes of Vangelis, who was definately an inspiration here. However, I hear some subtle melodic twists as an indication that the composer is seeking his own voice, and Vangelis is the learning tool to achieve a unique sound. Keep going. This is a good start. "Mastret", the final track, is an indication of what you are capable of. It is the best track... echoes of folk music and a thoughtful structure

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      Oila Kay Rogers tanks comment good my song Falcef in Paris. A song Sailing on a cloud is beauty mix sound a great. Bye bye from Italy