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      Very nice Music. I like the sound of your compostions and the nice melodies ( I had also a Korg MS20 in the past and also Korg sequencer SQ10 , great instruments) Well done

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      Many thx!!

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    on the album The Universe - Kwillu:

    felicidades una excelente muestra de trabajo en los sintetizadores, me provocaste un viaje con tan buenas atmosferas

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    I hear echoes of Vangelis, who was definately an inspiration here. However, I hear some subtle melodic twists as an indication that the composer is seeking his own voice, and Vangelis is the learning tool to achieve a unique sound. Keep going. This is a good start. "Mastret", the final track, is an indication of what you are capable of. It is the best track... echoes of folk music and a thoughtful structure

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    Oila Kay Rogers tanks comment good my song Falcef in Paris. A song Sailing on a cloud is beauty mix sound a great. Bye bye from Italy

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    on the album Northern Lights - Kwillu:

    This album was very appealing to me and the music was pleasant to listen to as it was endowed with unusual aspects that kept it interesting and away from the generic ambient tag. Each song had wonderful nuances that used a broad spectrum of sounds, interspersed like constellations in the sky . . . . which generated a marvelous listen. It was hard for me to pick a favorite but if I was forced . . . I would say that the peaceful "Piano Dream" held the most attraction for me . . . simply because it was so gorgeous. I thought that the tune, "Tones Comforter" made me think of some of the video games I liked to play in the past. . . very nice. My only complaint in regards to this album is that it was too short . . . - M^^W -