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Mercury in Summer

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    Mercury in Summer is a three piece rock band from the D.C. area. Their music speaks for itself; high energy, catchy songs with a musical flair that at times recalls the grooves of Michael Jackson, the vocal harmonies of the Four Freshmen, and the instrumental fluidity of Return to Forever. “Wait, those aren’t rock bands!” you might say; and yes you’re correct. But Mercury in Summer is.

        Tip-toeing the line between familiar and strange, fans say that Mercury in Summer seems to effortlessly incorporate other genres into their style.  And you’ll be saying the same thing, especially after seeing them live.

         Richard Wynne (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Brendan McCusker (Drums, Vocals), and Brian Jones (Bass, Vocals) don’t get up on stage to “play the record” -  no, they put on a show. One filled with riveting improvisation, a non-stop arsenal of killer songs, and arrangement embellishments to keep the audience out of their seats and on their feet. After seeing their show, you may end up asking yourself when the last time was that you saw a band that wasn’t only “as good” as their CD, but even better in concert; like Mercury in Summer.

       Their highly anticipated release “I Believe” has been a huge success, recorded by famed engineer/producer Dave Way (Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney), and sagaciously guided by executive producer John Molo (Bruce Hornsby and the Range, Phil Lesh and Friends, John Fogerty).

      Fans and listeners a like agree, this band has it. But the one thing everybody is wondering is “What’s next for Mercury in Summer?”


    Brian Jones - Bass, Vocals

    Brendan McCusker - Drums, Vocals

    Richard Wynne - Lead Vocals, Guitar




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